Digital Microscope

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10MM/100 0.1MM C7 Microscope Scale Objective Stage Micrometer Calibration Slide

Features:   -100% Brand new and high quality. -0.1 coordinate eyepiece scale, vertical and horizontal coordinates of the length of 10mm, divided into 100 equal parts, each index value of..


200Pcs Prepared Biological Basic Science Microscope Glass Slides

Features: -Set of 200 prepared slides, including plants, insects, animal and human tissues, for use in biological education.-Individually numbered and labelled.-Preserved in Cedar Wood O..


Aluminum Alloy Stand Bracket Holder for Digital Microscope Suitable for Most Models

This is a professional stand tool and specially designed for USB microscope, digital microscope and electron microscope. It's useful and helpful for fixing the microscope when magnifying electronic co..