Digital Calipers

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150mm Measure Plastic Vernier Caliper Ruler for Permanent Makeup Tattoo Eyebrow Tool

Features: A calliper help achieve perfect symmetry when performing traditional correction procedures and coloring of eyebrow. Also, this tool will be very useful for tattoo and mikrobleyding. ..


150mm Plastic Vernier Caliper Gauge Ruler Sliding Tool Metal Random Color

Features:   -Vernier caliper double scale, easy to use, plastic material, affordable. -Household vernier caliper, measuring jewelry, antiques, calipers, jewelry store caliper, for a vari..


50-160MM Accuracy 0.01MM Indicator Inner Diameter Dial Bore Gauge

Features: -Stainless steel ball contact point for durability.-One end of the measuring head is the movable probe, and the other end is the changeable probe which is changed according to the..


DANIU 0-25mm 0.01mm Metric Diameter Micrometer Gauge Caliper Tool

Description :0-25mm 0.01mm Metric Diameter Micrometer Gauge Caliper ToolNice measure tool in tiny price, well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures for easy reading. Excellent for making..